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Nate revealed a powerful secret that many people would tremendously benefit from. He causes a subtle shift in your perspective as well as a slight alteration of your time horizon for wealth accumulation. The result is that you see the game for what it is and this is the first step to beating it.

Jeff Putnam





When I found Nate on Twitter I could tell he knew something about money that I didn't so I reached out to him.  He explained to me how the banks were making their money off of MY MONEY and how I could do the same thing. It made PERFECT sense.  It just wasn't something I ever would have been taught.  Now, I have the power to make my money do what I want it to, all by playing by the bankers' rules.

Adam Lane Smith

Nate is fantastic!  I grew up very poor. My father lived in a trailer park and my mother married him at 18, so we scraped to survive. Because of this upbringing I knew next to nothing about the way money flows. You get some and spend it right away before it disappears, right? Nate worked with me step by step as he taught me that, no, you don’t spend all your cash on payday. Thanks to Nate I’ve got an cashflow system setup to provide financial coverage for myself and my children for decades to come. He’s changed not only my life, but the lives of all my descendants yet to come.​

  • NOT an MLM / networking marketing scam / pyramid scheme

  • NOT an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy, which we DO NOT recommend!

  • NOT a generic financial product you could have set up yourself, like an IRA

Gain Lifetime Access

  • How to get tax-free passive income

    That means money coming into your life that you are not having to go work for and oh by the way; you get to keep the tax man away

  • How to earn interest on every dollar

    This one will flip your brain inside out. What if you could earn interest on every dollar that flows through your hands whether you are spending it or saving it?

  • How to rapidly eliminate debt

    We’re talking lightning fast.  This isn't your Dave Ramsey Baby Step method. This is rocket fuel for your money.

  • How to reclaim opportunity cost

    This is the one that the banks really hate. They know that you can do this but have no reason to spill their secrets.

  • A Video Course of Instruction

    Learn the key concepts and principles taught by Nate and Brandon

  • A Free "Thank You" Gift

    At the completion of the video we have a gift we want to send you

  • A Higher Financial IQ

    You are guaranteed to learn something new that will impress your friends

  • Custom Roadmap

    You will receive a customized strategy tailored specific to your situation

  • A New Money Paradigm

    Gain a new perspective on how we view and use money in our lives

  • One on One Personal Coaching

    Each individual who completes the course has the option to schedule One on One sessions

  • Downloadable Guide

    We created a simple guide to follow along with as you watch the video

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

    Join this growing community we are creating of Holy Shifters!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in this information that we guarantee your satisfaction. Because the most common feedback we get about the course is “I wish I’d bought it a year ago.”


Level the playing field. Beat the banks at their own game. Make your money work for you.

That’s Holy Shift!

Having a higher financial IQ than other people automatically gives you an advantage.


If you are ready to unlock the hidden potential of your money then we are ready to teach you how.

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